Plug-In Warmer Diffuser
Plug-In Warmer Diffuser
Plug-In Warmer Diffuser
Plug-In Warmer Diffuser
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Plug-In Warmer Diffuser

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Our Plug-In Warmer diffuser is a flameless option made to maximize the heat-gathering and better release the scent of your favorite lava rock diffuser. You can diffuse with the built in lamp or without. When you apply heat the stronger your scent will cast!

Recommended Use:

Pour the lava rocks into the "no scrape" silicon dish and place on top of the diffuser. Plug in and turn the on switch. Add 1/2-1 full droppers full of your favorite fragrance oil then let the magic happen with the next 1-3mins. After 5-6 times of heating, the oil will evaporate and you can re-apply your fragrance oil. It is recommended to heat for 2-4 hours at a time.

** fragrance oil sold separately**

Items Includes:

1x 3 Prong Plug-In Lava Rock Diffuser

1x Pouch of lava rocks

1x Silicon dish

1x 15-Watt Incandescent Bulb