About Us

Jasmine Wade Co. is an eco-luxe candle company that encourages people to create space to breathe, expand, and chill through the ritual of lighting a candle. We accomplish this with our essential oil based scents and soothing crackling wooden wicks. Our mission is to help decrease our consumers ecological footprint by providing ethically-made and sustainable candles and candle refills. We are intentional about creating a zero waste collection that is long lasting, and resonates a feeling of luxury.

Our Story:

Hi my name is Jasmine Wade and I'm a fashion designer turned candle maker based in Charlotte, NC. I started Jasmine Wade Co after the world shut down in 2020 due to Covid-19. I was working longer hours from home, experiencing burnout, and filled with anxiety with the thought of potentially losing my corporate job in the fashion industry. I started buying candles to burn when it was time to log off to help unwind from a long day. I noticed overtime, my candles would burn down relatively fast and burn with smoke billowing, causing me to buy new candles more frequently. So I decided to do my own research and I started making candles that would burn longer and be less toxic to inhale for my personal use. After a lot of trial and error and getting great feedback from my friends and family, I decided to pursue a candle making business. Thankfully, I have happily converted many people from burning harmful toxic paraffin candles to clean nontoxic and sustainable candles.